William Reginald Dibb, Rev. Ashton Dibb’s son, the first generation of the Dibb family in Siam, and his adventurous life.

William Reginald Dibb spent sixteen years in northern Siam, before leaving to serve his king and country in France during WWI and lost his life.

Nue, a local lady who became W. R. Dibb's wife in 1905 and being with him until he left to join WWI in September 1915. This portrait was made from a photo taken when she was in her sixties.

Grabriel Mawk Dibb, who changed his surname to Dibbayawan during the Thai nationalist government in 1940.

Dian Dawk Eung Woratham (nee Dibb), the grandmother of a famous Thai Super Star, Warut Woratham.

Malee Wattananikorn (nee Dibb), the author's mother, who was only three months old when her father left her to join WWI.